Administrative Order
Series Administrative Order No. Subject Dated
2009 01 Food Safety Assessment in Situations of Low Level Presence of Recombinant-DNA plant materials in Food and Feed January 5, 2009
2008 31 Adoption of Codex Principles for the Risk Analysis of Foods Derived from Modern Biotechnology and the Codex Guideline for the Conduct of Food Safety Assessment of Foods derived from Recombinant-DNA Plants October 13, 2008
2007 22 Amending Specific Sections of Part V of D.A. Administrative Order No.8, S 2002, Approval Process for the Importation of Regulated Articles for Direct Use as Food or Feed, or for Processing July 4, 2007
2002 08 Rules and Regulations for the Importation and release into the Environment of Plants and Plant Products Derived from the use of Modern Biotechnology April 3, 2002